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Boatbuild: Malibu Day 4
July 7, 2011

Good evening, friends! Well, sunday is over, we had an enjoyable day with church in the morning, (including a new -of course- video in the announcements) some time chatting with the youth group kids and then a couple hours of building. Yesterday was gruelling- long, long hours, but today, well, after three hours with the kids, there was nothing to do but watch epoxy dry. and so, we went to the beach. Tired as we all were, the waves and the frantic energy of the ocean re-energised us, as did the thought of real beds tonight (some kind friends have given us a home for the evening) and we were all eager to be in the ocean. Luis learned something of the fine art of boogie boarding, i learnt how to face plant into waves and Jesus showed us how to dive into the waves. The highlight had to be the dolphins though. right after we got out and were getting ready to head home, we spotted two dolphins frolicking in the waves right where we had been surfing. it was magnificent. Anyway, i’ll let Luis take over from here, and wish you all, all the very best. -Suzi


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