Blog: July 2016

Meet Nyseemah!
July 27, 2016

This summer, for the very first time, Urban BoatWorks has hired 5 teens to lead the summer ecology history paddling program.  After receiving training in on-the-water safety, canoe rescue, the history and ecology of the Cooper River, and paddling, these students spend their days building boats in the Urban BoatWorks boat shop (housed at the Camden Shipyard and Maritime Museum) and leading community paddles on the tidal Cooper River.



Meet Nyseemah: 

Hi my name is Nyseemah Mahan.  I attend UrbanPromise Academy.  I am now a sophomore, but not too long ago I sat as a freshman. My first year at UrbanPromise Academy was full of adventures. We also had a class that involved building boats. The freshmen attended the project on Wednesday mornings. Once I got involved, I knew I liked it.  I enjoyed using the different tools and learning about the different types of woods. I then decided that I wanted to become more involved. When I heard about the RiverGuides program, I decided to go for the opportunity. I was a little nervous that I wouldn't get the job, but when I found out, I was ecstatic. The best part about being a RiverGuide is that you have the attention on you. When we're on paddles, you are a L-E-A-D-E-R . At first I wasn't very confident, but Tom and Vicki boosted my self esteem way up and made me believe that I was able to continue and do better. RiverGuides hold a lot of responsibilities. We have to make sure we have everything that is required for the paddle. We even learned the history and ecology of the Cooper River. I even interact with different types of people. And teach them what I learned about the Cooper River.


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