Budget Reduction & Wish List

You Can Make a Difference!

As UrbanTrekkers and UrbanPromise rely primarily on private individuals, churches, corporations, and foundations to finance our programs and operations, we strive to manage our budget in the most cost-effective manner possible. In-kind gifts—non-monetary contributions of goods or services—enable us to direct the majority of dollars to our programming and youth. A significant budget reduction, each in-kind gift is tax-deductible and an alternative way for donors to influence the lives of those we serve. The following Budget Reduction and "Wish List" items have been requested by staff who work directly with our youth.

Remember all donations are tax-deductible.
Please let us know which program should receive your gift.
Thank you for your support of UrbanTrekkers!

Thanks to REI, 12 participants of UrbanTrekkers received high-quality outdoor gear--sleeping bags, backpacks, and related camping supplies--for their expeditions.


UrbanTrekkers' SeaQuest program, sponsored by the American Littoral Society, engages around 15 middle school students in a variety of after-school activities related to marine biology.

Because of the generous gifts of time and supplies by Urban BoatWorks' volunteers, and the donation of boat shop space by the South Jersey Port Corporation, UrbanTrekkers saved thousands of dollars last year.

Our Wish List

  • Sleeping bags- backpacking type
  • Gift cards to: Eastern Mountain Sports, LL Bean, and REI
  • Sleeping pads
  • Headlamps
  • Men's and women's hiking boots
  • Rain suits and jackets
  • Backpacks (daypacks) 

Budget Reduction List

The following in-kind gifts and services would dramatically reduce our budget, allowing more of our dollars to provide for our programs and youth.

Need Description Annual Cost to UrbanTrekkers
Boat shop supplies and materials Urban BoatWorks could use new plans, boat building materials, tools, and disposable supplies to aid students’ construction of boats. varies
Frequent flyer miles Trekkers annually participate in cross-country treks; frequent flyer miles would help to reduce travel costs. N/A

Hybrid bikes and gear 

Hybrids are ideal for new cyclists to gain comfort with cycling and are prepared to transition to longer rides.  We focus on utilizing bikes (hybrids or road bikes) to support experiential education such as pedaling along the local rivers to study the watershed or visiting local parks and environmental centers- and just for fun, too.  varies

20 four-season sleeping bags with compression sacks

Four-season (0 degree rating) sleeping bags with compression sacks would help keep Trekkers safe and warm during campouts.  $250/each
Gas to fuel vehicles UrbanPromise vehicles are used to transport youth from school to program(s) and home and on special trips/events. $6,000
10 backpack-sized individual gas cooking stoves Individual cooking stoves would enable Trekkers to prepare their own meals during campouts. $40/each
20 backpack-sized individual mess kits Individual mess kits would enhance mealtime during expeditions. $25/each

20 camper’s headlamps

Headlamps will provide additional safety during night-time walks and campouts. $35/each

50 UrbanTrekkers polar fleece vest

An annual tradition of UrbanTrekkers, this vest is presented to students who excel in leadership and expedition competencies. $45/each
4 water filtration kits Water filtration kits would enable Trekkers to retrieve drinkable water from mountain lakes and streams. $90/each
26 “Crazy Creek” camp chairs Trekkers spend a large portion of expedition time journaling and sitting in small groups. The comfort of a camp chair would enhance these the experiences.  $40/each

Expedition clothing and gear (i.e. boots and hiking clothes)

Though not absolute necessities, suitable outdoor clothing and footwear enable Trekkers to be more comfortable and safe during outdoor adventures. Varies