UrbanTrekkers' expeditions offer hands-on learning and journey-based experiences to around 100 youth each year. Through travel to places beyond their everyday lives, youth are motivated to learn more about themselves and the world around them and develop their potential as young leaders. Each trip is focused around the six key elements of UrbanTrekkers: outdoor adventure, environmental awareness, historical perspectives, cross-cultural experiences, community service, and leadership training and team-building.

Every UrbanPromise Academy student is an UrbanTrekker; the school’s curriculum is directly tied to outdoor experiential learning. Each grade participates in class-specific expeditions: Trekker Orientation and Sedge Island for freshmen; Assateague Island for sophomores; an outdoor leadership training weekend for juniors; and an outdoor leadership training and Rite of Passage trip for seniors. Multi-class expeditions include: an outdoor leadership training weekend, an annual Christmas visit to Washington, D.C; urban hikes, a spring break trip to a different location each year, and a two week summer expedition for students from multiple UrbanPromise cities.

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From the mountains of Maine to the museums of Washington, D.C., each year, 100 UrbanPromise middle and high school youth trek to places far beyond the inner city of Camden.



Cross-cultural experiences, historical perspectives, leadership development, and team-building exercises are just some of the key elements of UrbanTrekkers 15 annual expeditions.

During each year's Trekker expeditions, Camden youth travel 5,000 miles throughout the country, exploring new lands, engaging with diverse communities, and learning more about themselves in the process.