Colorado & Utah Expedition

Adventure Expedition

About This Trek...

A new expedition, this trip engages 20 student leaders from Camden and other UrbanPromise sites (Trenton, NJ; Miami, FL; and/or Wilmington, DE) in a 14-day trek through Colorado and Utah. The group visits five national parks; goes white water rafting and hiking; participates in environmental awareness activities with the Sierra Club and local miners; engage in cross cultural exchanges with Native American communities; and participate in community service projects. Students who demonstrate commitment and leadership during the academic year UrbanTrekker program are invited to attend.

Core Values

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor activities will include hiking, white water rafting, and camping in five national parks in Colorado and Utah. 


Environmental Awareness

In order to gain perspective about a local environmental and economic issue, students will tour a Colorado mine and engage in discussions with the local Sierra Club.

Historical Perspectives

Trekkers will visit Mesa Verde National Park, the remains of one of the oldest Pueblo villages in the nation, where they will learn about the geologic, residential, and cultural history of Mesa Verde.


Day 1
  • Depart Camden
  • Arrive in Denver
Day 2-4
  • Drive to Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Hike, waterfalls, rock formations
Day 4
  • Drive to Granby, CO
  • Visit Eagle Rock School
Day 5
  • Drive to Aspen
  • Explore town
  • Camp
Day 6
  • Sunrise hike at Independence Pass at the Continental Divide
  • Camp
Day 7
  • Drive to Canyonlands National Park
  • Explore Canyonlands
  • Camp at Needles
Day 8
  • Explore Arches
  • Hike to Delicate Arch for sunset
  • Camp at Needles
Day 9
  • Drive to Durango
  • Explore Mesa Verde National Park
Day 10
  • Drive to Sand Dunes National Park
  • Explore 800 ft. sand dunes
  • Camp at Pinyon Flats
Day 11
  • Drive to Canyon City
  • Meet with Miners
  • Visit Sierra Club
Day 12
  • Take train up Pike's Peak
  • Camp in Colorado Springs
Day 13
  • Hike in Garden of the Gods
  • Meet with Navigators College Ministry
  • Drive back to Denver
  • Pack
Day 14
  • Depart Denver for Camden

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