Hood to Woods: Mid-coast Maine

4 Day Expedition Partnering Up With Maine's Trekker Program

About This Trek...

A four day expedition to mid-coast Maine for 10-12th grade students. Students will experience life and adventure in Maine through quarry jumping, hiking, sea kayaking, and lobstering. Students will form friendships with the Maine Trekkers and engage in discussions and activities surrounding cultural diversity. 

Core Values

Outdoor Adventures

Trekkers participate in a variety of outdoor activities, including quarry jumping, hiking, kayaking on the ocean, and lobstering.

Cross Cultural Experiences

Students engage in conversations and activities about cultural differences and shared experiences with their Maine peers. They also immerse themselves in the Maine coastal culture, learning about and experiencing the area’s foods, recreational activities, and economic patterns. 

Leadership Training and Team Building

UrbanTrekkers participate in activities that foster teamwork and self expression as  students develop new friendships and ideas with their Trekker counterparts.


Day 1
  • 10-hour drive to Maine
  • Icebreakers with Maine Trekkers upon arrival
Day 2
  • Cliff jumping and swimming in the quarry
  • Kayaking in Port Clyde
  • Riding on a lobster boat
  • Lobster bake
  • Journaling
Day 3
  • Hike around Monhegan Island
  • Evening journaling
Day 4
  • Cross cultural games and discussions
  • Basketball
  • Cliff jumping
  • Evening journaling
Day 5
  • Breakfast at Moody’s Diner with Maine Trekkers
  • 10-hour drive back to Camden