Senior Outdoor Leadership Training

Senior Paddling Expedition

About This Trek...

A three-day canoeing expedition for the senior class at UrbanPromise Academy on the Mullica River in the Pinelands. Students will acquire skills in canoe camping, navigating a river, and advanced flatwater canoeing skills as they paddle 6 hours on the Mullica River in order to prepare for their Senior Rites of Passage expedition. They will engage in environmental history and ecology lessons that complement their science curriculum.


Core Values

Historical Perspectives 
Trekkers visit historical sites in the Pinelands--Carranza Memorial and Chatsworth General Store--learning about the resillience of the residents of the Pines and the grit that has carried them through the years. 
Outdoor Adventures

Trekkers canoe a 6-hour paddle on the Mullica River in the NJ Pinelands. They gain training in canoe camping, navigating a river, and advanced flatwater canoeing skills.

Environmental Awareness

Trekkers visit the cranberry bogs, learning about the economics of agriculture in the Pinelands.  Trekkers gain understanding of the ecology of the Pinelands through a guided tour as they paddle.

Leadership Training & Team-Building

Trekkers learn the value of teamwork as they navigate down the river with their canoe partners.




Day 1
  • Drive to Pinlands
  • Practice paddling skills on the lake
  • Paddle 3 hours to Mullica River Camp
  • Camp on the river
  • Evening journaling
Day 2
  • Morning devotions
  • Paddle 4 hours to Pleasant Mills
  • Environmental education lesson during Nature Hike on Batona Trail
  • Camp on the river
Day 3
  • Visit Carranza Memorial
  • Visit Cranberry Bogs
  • Visit Chatsworth General Store
  • Drive home